by Thomas BODIN (Novapuls & Sodero Gestion), Nantes, France 🇨🇵

The Super VC List

The Super VC List is a non-exhaustive list containing a large number of French and European investment funds working in the field of start-ups and innovation. It contains different types of VC firm that invest in different sectors at different stages. This list is also intended for start-ups who wish to do a more detailed research of funds as for investors wishing to discover a new firm. This list is not fixed, it is doomed to change and be modified in a collaborative way thanks to user feedback. Enjoy it.

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VC - The Super VC List

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About the autor :

Thomas BODIN helps technology start-ups in their fundraising as "Fundraiser" at Novapuls, a subsidiary of Sodero Gestion. Passionate about technology, start-ups and investment, he actively participates in this incredible ecosystem through the creation of events and content. Thomas is also the president of the Mash Up association and the author of the Venture Capital newsletter, VCNewsweek.

About Novapuls & Sodero Gestion :

Novapuls, is an accelerator of innovative start-ups in Nantes which provides residency support for 20 companies per year. With more than 1000m² of offices in the heart of the city, Novapuls supports start-ups around three axes: fundraising, customer acquisition and the financial structuring of the company.

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